5 UnTold Traffic Methods.

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Let’s see if the following paragraphs sound familiar to you…

When you first discover Internet marketing you get all excited – and make
no mistake about it, Internet marketing IS REALLY EXCITING.
Quite frankly the money making potential if you have an online business is
massive and VERY easy to see…

So, you went off and learn as much as you can about it. You’ve learned all
about how to build a website, how to use FTP and how to set up a
Wordpress blog. You’ve read and learn all about email marketing and how
to build a squeeze page, how to create an information product and how to
build a business around it.

But a few months or weeks down the line nothing much has happened.

Am I right?

And then it has hit you like a ton of bricks…

None of these things matter if you don’t have traffic, because this is the
lifeblood of your online business. And if you don’t have it, than nobody will
see your offers and you won’t make money.
I know it sounds really rude, but this is something the most newbies
completely miss and some “advanced marketers” too. There are some
people who even think that you can just throw up a website and hope that
other people find you…

But sadly that’s never going to work. You have to actively go out and tell
people about your sites, and this is what I call to have a traffic strategy.

Building traffic alerts people, and the search engines that a website is on
the Internet. Without traffic, there are no buyers. Without buyers, there is
no income, and without income, there is no business. Even if you’re not
directly selling a product, solely making money on ad clicks, without
people there to click the ads, you’re not going to earn anything.

This eBook will walk you through the basics of some of the not so popular,
even secret traffic methods which you can use right away. None of these
methods are guaranteed to bring you millions, and none of these methods
will present overnight success. No matter how you cut it, Internet
marketing takes hard work, and will not bring you instant riches even
when all these methods are proven (thousand times) to work on a daily

In this book, I’ll discuss various free methods of building traffic and their
advantages, as well as a bit of information about how you can use each of
these to expand your business.

So, after this long introduction, now is time to start your traffic journey…

Free vs. Paid Traffic

The great thing behind the free traffic strategies which I am going to
cover in this eBook is that you don’t have to pay to advertise your
website and bring traffic to it. Cool, don’t you think?

However, free of monetary investment doesn’t truly mean REALLY FREE.
Sometimes many Internet marketers forget that time also equals money. If
you’re starting out on a small budget, you’re going to have to invest more
time to get your business off the ground, but at some point, the time you
spend becomes just as valuable, if not more so than the actual money
you’re “saving” by using free traffic methods. You’ll have to decide what
the trade off is for you, and whether or not you can really afford to invest
“time” into free advertising.

Another point worth mentioning about free traffic is, you’ll likely have to
spend a good amount of time before you will see results that can make a
difference. Though paid traffic won’t necessarily have instantaneous
results, it generally produces quicker results than free traffic methods.

Ideally, paid traffic is the best option to really get the business up
and running. For people who have a limited budget, it is best to use a
combination of free and paid methods to get the best results in the
shortest amount of time. And because we are sure that you will want
to shoot your business as rocket in the stars of profits, that’s why we
have prepared another course for you which is about paid traffic.
This is a video course which will give you 10 methods, which can
definitely bring you more money.

Free Traffic Methods

If you’re running on a tight budget and don’t want to spend money on
advertising, there are several free traffic methods you can use to grow
your website traffic faster than before. Remember that when you opt for
free over paid marketing tactics, you will have to invest more time, and
the results are typically slower.

Magazine Marketing

Magazine marketing is a good way to generate traffic to your website, but it
will only work if you’re providing something of value to the magazine
readers. In other words, you can’t just join the platform and wait the traffic
to flood your website, but I am sure that the most of your competitors
don’t know about this traffic source. So, listen closely, because now I am
going to discover the name of it.

It is called ISSUU – www.issuu.com.

Have you heard about it?

Issuu is the fastest-growing digital publishing platform in the world in which
everybody can join for free and use its traffic. And when you become
familiar with it, you should consider its paid plans, but you don’t need to
pay anything to start generating traffic using the power of ISSUU.

Why you should consider Issuu as one of your traffic sources?
 It has more than 85 Million readers every month
 More than 5000 impressions each minute
 It is totally FREE to join
 It is really easy to use

Let me show you how the platform looks like…

This is just part of it. There are so many magazines there which you can use
to learn from and benefit.

How to use this platform in order to flood your website with traffic?

First, you have to go here and make a simple registration which takes about
1-2 minutes and NO credit card is required. Just click on “Create account”
button and fill all the necessary fields and you are ready to rock. 

When you are ready with the registration and enter your members’ area,
this is what you are going to see:

Then you should click on “Learn how” button and when the new page
opens, you should click “Continue” which is located below the free plan.

When you click the button “Continue” the next thing which you should
do is to fill all the fields for your profile and add a picture of you or your
product if you want. If you want to use ISSUU for brand awareness, put
your picture (it should be a smiley photo of you) and if you want to
promote a product, put its photo there. Simple, isn’t it?

When you finish with you account setup, the next step is going to be to
upload your first pdf file which is going to be converted to magazine,
which is really cool. And if you are not ready yet for publication, you can
press the “Cancel” button in the upper right corner.

So, now you know the basic set up of ISSUU and the big question is still
there – how to drive traffic using it?

Now, I am going to answer it.

First, you should be ready to give something for free. It should be in a
PDF format and it should be valuable. The great thing is that you can put
all your affiliate links or links which lead to your website all over your
file. This gives you the opportunity to advertise whatever you want as
much as you want, which is absolutely perfect.

But how to get people to see your magazines?

Actually, ISSUU is somehow a new type of social media which means
that you have to have followers in order to get traffic. And how to do

Click on the button “Following” and then in the search bar you should
write your keyword and hit Enter.

At the bottom of this image you can see the publishers about the topic
weight loss and these are not all, of course. My suggestion for you is to
follow all these guys and gals, but you should also follow their followers.
This is how you will get a lot of followers and traffic to your website.


Before you start following people, you should:
 Set up your profile (all details should be written and there should
be a photo too)
 Have uploaded at least 2 magazines

The other great thing about this traffic source is that you can use it for all
niches and if there aren’t magazines in your niche, this would be perfect.
Why? Because you will not have competition.

But, maybe you are wondering how to get followers in that case? Very
simple, find out what you customers are interested in (e.g. what are
their hobbies, what do they eat, what are they passionate about and so
on) and then search for publishers about this topic, follow them and
their followers too.

Now, you know how to use the power of this not so popular (even
secret) BIG traffic source, just go and conquer it. 

Reporter and brand traffic

When you read this type of traffic for first time it sounds a little bit
strange. Don’t you think? But this traffic source power is so huge and it
can bring you not only traffic, but BIG brand awareness too. This is the
reason why I love it so much and I am going to reveal it now.

It is called CNN iReporter.

It doesn’t sound sexy or I am wrong?  If you ask me, this is more than
sexy, because we are talking about CNN. I doubt that there isn’t a human
on this planet who doesn’t know this big name and now I am going to tell
you how to use it to attract more traffic and brand awareness.

First, you should go to www.ireport.cnn.com/ and sign up for a new account.

Fill all the necessary fields and you are good to go.

When you enter your account for first time, go to your profile and fill all
fields which will give more information about you and your business. From
all fields, Biography is one of the most important things which you should
take care of. Try to make it interesting, fun and introducing, because when
people read your articles they will want to know more about you and you
have few seconds to grab their attention. That’s why you should start with
Biography and spend a good amount of time thinking, before you write it.
The other reason why you should write a good biography is that you can’t
use links in your stories, but if people like your stuff, they will visit your

As in the other traffic source, it is very important to give real value when
you write your articles. And if you want, you can post also videos and

So, how to use CNN iReporter?

In order to put your story on CNN, you should click the button “Upload” in
the upper right corner, but I have a suggestion for you which can help you
to drive more traffic even faster. In order this to happen, you should go to
the “Assignments” section of this website and scroll down

These are different groups in which you can find different assignments related to the topic of the group, that’s why my suggestion for you is to join
a group which is related to your niche. After that you should check all the
assignments and find one which you can write about or you have a video or
photo (even if you have only video or photo, you have to write something
before you post it) and click the button “Add your story”.

The other thing which you should do in order to get more traffic is to follow
all members who are interested in this topic (you can see them in the upper
left corner of this image), because if they follow you back, they will see all
of your publications. Of course, don’t add them at once, because this is look
really spammy and you don’t want this.

So, if you post a story, photo or video about a featured assignment, this
increase the chance a lot of people to see it, which means more possibilities
for traffic and sales. Really cool…

Let’s summarize – write a good biography, give real value, join groups,
follow people, write about featured assignments and you are ready to blow
your server.

After all this don’t you think that it would be a great strategy, people to find
you through CNN? Don’t you think that your brand and authority are going
to be above the sky and your chances for sales are bigger?
I will let the answers to you while I will start my third traffic source introduction…

Infographic Power

Maybe you have heard that a picture is worth thousand words and it is
definitely true and you can gain a lot because of this old saying. How? By
using the power of infographics which is growing with each day.

What is Infographic?

An information graphic (infographic) is a visual representation of a data set
or instructive material. An infographic takes a big amount of information in
text or numerical form and then condenses it into a combination of images
and text, allowing viewers to quickly grasp the essential insights the data
contains. And people really love them.

This is just a part of big infographics made by company called Treat and can give you approximate understanding of how they look like.

Why you should consider Infographics for a good traffic strategy?
 An 800% increase in searches on Google in just the last two years.
 65% of your audience are visual learners which means that they
absorb better and prefer images, photos and videos
 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual
 Publishers who use infographics grow in traffic an average of 12%

Now you know why they are so powerful. But how to use their power for

There are websites like – https://infogr.am/, http://piktochart.com/,
https://venngage.com/ , which can help you to create your infographics for free.
The first one gives you 30 day trial and in this period you can see and use all
of this platform functions and it doesn’t want your credit card info.

Before you create your infographics you should decide what your topic is
going to be and it would be the best to find a hot topic even though
popular topic will also work.

How to find hot topics?

You can use the free help of Google trends (www.google.com/trends). Just go
there, type a keyword related to your niche and look for rising trends. After
that you should scroll down and find “Queries”, this is your golden section.
This will give you a good information which topic is hot these days.

So, if you are in the weight loss niche it would be a good idea to write about
weight loss shakes for example.

As you can see it is not hard at all to find out what people are searching for
and give them what they need. This is what I call real business – find what
people need, give it to them and make some good cash – WIN – WIN.

In order to make your Infographics to scream “Share me”, you should put
some valuable tips in it. So, this leads us to the next question:

How to find data for our Infographics?

You can always make a small research using your own blog posts, your
niche leaders’ websites, science researches, you can also use the data from
some old Infographics too or use some free tools. In that case we can use
Google News(https://news.google.com) or Google Scholar(https://scholar.google.bg).
Both platforms can give you a lot of reliable information just by typing your
keyword in their search bar.

So, you can easily collect some data using all the mentioned resources and
make simple and attractive Infographics which can be created for free
through the other mentioned websites and here comes the BIG question –
how to generate traffic using Infographics?

First and foremost, you should put your link on the top of your Infographics
using any image editing software, so, when somebody decide to share your
Infographics you will generate a good amount of traffic. The next step is to
post it in as many websites as possible. Of course, I am talking about
websites about Infographics. And I almost forgot. In most of this
Infographics sharing websites, you can write a small description in which
you can also put your website link, which is additional way of driving traffic.
So, with one Infographics you have two chances to drive free traffic to your
website and Infographics also build your authority.

Last but not least, you can share your Infographics in your social media
profiles too. People love to share this type of visual materials.

Let’s see some examples of websites where you can share your
 Infographic love – www.infographiclove.com
 Piktochart – www.piktochart.com
 Visual.ly – www.visual.ly
 Flickr – www.flickr.com

There are so many of them and you can easily find tons of Infographics
sharing websites simply by typing “Infographics” in Google.

Infographics are killer traffic generating strategy and I am sure that know
you can see it. Most of your competitors are lazy and that’s why you can be
above them just by using this simple technique.

And I have prepared another great source of free traffic for you which I am

Toolbox Traffic Generator

Using social medias to drive traffic is something which we do almost every
day in our online business, but in most cases we use only FB and Twitter.
And now I am going to reveal to you one not so popular social media, but it
has big potential to drive you a lot of traffic.

I am talking about IBOTOOLBOX.

Let me start with small statistics…

It has 44,506 visitors per day, which is about 1,335,180 visitors per month.
Pretty cool numbers, don’t you think. And most of your competitors even
don’t know that it exists.


IBOtoolbox is one of the busiest and most active business social networks
on the Internet today. Thousands of business owners are using it each and
every day and it has many features which are made to help you to promote
your business and attract more visitors to your website.

In order to create your account, you should go on the right part of the
website and fill all the necessary fields.

How you can use IBOTOOLBOX to drive more traffic to your website or
offers and make more money:
 You can post 2 Press Releases daily, which are syndicated to
mulititude of external websites
 You can generate as many leads as you want by being active in this
social network (and this are not average leads, these are people who
want to spend money, because they are business owners)
 You can shorten your affiliate links
 You can put menu bar on your affiliate offer websites which your
visitors will see when they click on your shorten link and it will have
items like, Your name, picture, Prss releases, Videos, Live Chat,
Contact Form, and your Social Media Links
 You can put a free chat service on your website and answer all of
your visitors questions
 You can advertise for free in front of thousands of business owners

There are so many things which you can do, using this platform, which can
lead to more traffic to your website that I just can’t write about all of them
in this report. IBOTOOLBOX can easily bring you targeted clients with high
buying potential and you can advertise in front of them for free. Of course,
in order to be able to do this, you have to put some work.

You can earn advertising credits by many ways, but we will discuss them

First, let’s take a look how the platform looks like in the inside…

As you can see it looks like a normal social network with additional features
which can help you to get more traffic to your website.

If you want to share something with your followers, you have to write it in
the field at the bottom of your main page as you can see on this picture.

After you have made your registration, your next step should be to fill out
all of your profile information. In order to do that, just click on the button in
the upper right corner “Edit Profile” and do your job. There are many fields
which you should fill, but when you fill them keep your main purpose of
using this platform in your mind – are you going to build it around your own
brand; are you going to build it around your own product; are you going to
build it around someone else’s product. And don’t forget to scroll down and
fill all of the steps till the eight one, the ninth step is optional, but it can
help you to make some money using Google Adsense.

So, let’s get back to the main question – How to get traffic using

After you have created your account and you are ready with your profile,
the next thing which you should do is to make some friends. My suggestion
is to check the most active users which can be found on the right part of
the platform, see their profiles and if you think that they are a good fit for
your business, send them a friend request.

I am talking about all these guys and gals which are really active in this
social media. You need them as friends if you want your profile to become
popular and people to search for it.

So, this was your first job. Your next job is to create your first advertising.

In order to do this, you have to click on the button in the upper right part of
this platform where it is written – “Create new”. After that a new window
will appear and you will have to choose what type of ad you want to make.
This part is up to you and you can generate traffic using all of them. For an
example, I have decided to run a small ad and I have received about 3%
CTR, which is not bad, when you know that all these clicks are for free.

152 clicks for absolutely free, only because I have opened an account.
Really cool, don’t you think?

As you can see you can use simple ads like this and generate a good
amount of traffic and I am sure that you can create a better ad than me.
Now is coming the other important question – how to earn credits?

First, you should know that there is a faster way to generate traffic to your
website using the IBOTOOLBOX platform, but you have to pay. They are
giving you the opportunity to buy advertising credits for about $25 for
10 000 credits or 50 000 impressions. Let’s do a small math – you pay $25
and you get 50000 impression and if you have 3% clicks, this means that
you will have 1500 clicks for $25 (0,01 cents per click).

But it is not obligatory to buy credits, this option is only for people who
want to see faster results.

How to earn credits for free?

It is much easier than you think. The first main way to do it is to earn free
credit coupons, which you can redeem and use it for your ad campaigns. In
order to earn these credits you should:

 Use your daily bonus codes which can be found at the top of your
 You can read their newsletters
 Every Tuesday you can use the tweet credit code which they post on
their Twitter account
 You can be part of their webinars which they make each Wednesday
 Every Thursday you can find a coupon code on their Facebook page
 Every Saturday you can join their webinar and get your coupon code
 Some credit coupon codes can be found on your wall too
Very easy stuff…Let’s see the second type of ways which you can use to
earn your credits:
 You will earn credits for referring users
 You will earn credits only because you are logging in to the network
every day (once per day)  You will earn credits when you post your Press Release
 You will earn credits when you complete some easy offers
As you can see there are so many ways to earn credits almost every day for
free and you can use them for your advertising. But you can generate some
traffic even by posting on your wall like all these people:

An if you want more exposure, you will need more friends, so, go back to
the second step and add some friends who are active in this social network.
Ok, this was all about this simple traffic generating strategy, now is time to
finish this traffic generating report with the final traffic generating method
which is…

Free PR Power
Have you heard about HARO before? It is a powerful and still not very
popular way to do your job once and then to get traffic almost forever
which will also increase your brand awareness and authority. If you want
this for your online business, listen closely.
HARO is “Help A Reporter Out”. This is a platform which makes the
connection between reporter/journalists and experts. And they send one
email per day which includes requests from different journalists.

You can sign up as a reporter or as an expert. If you want to use this
website to drive more traffic to your website, you should definitely sign up
as an expert. The great thing behind this opportunity is that it is free (yes,
there are paid options, but you can generate a good amount of traffic using
only the paid version).

Before we continue, let me show you something…

What do you think about this? How much traffic do you think you will get if
a journalist likes your short answer or article about his/her request?
Probably, thousands visitors per day. And this comes with the authority
which you will get automatically.

Go and sign up for a free account here.

After that you will have to go and click the confirmation link which they
have sent you. When you click on the link, you will start getting emails right

This is crucial – it is a good idea to make a separate email address which
you should use only for HARO queries and I am going to tell you “Why” in a
couple of seconds. HARO will use it to send you your daily request.

This is how a request looks like. And I have received more than 10 in one
email from which I can choose.

How you can generate tons of traffic using HARO?

First, when you set up your profile in HARO make sure to mark the topic or
topics which are relevant to your niche.

In that case I have decided to receive queries only about Business and
Finance, because I am an expert in this topic. If you are an expert in more
than one topic, that’s okay, mark it and you will receive queries about it.

And when you receive an email with all requests, read them carefully,
decide if you have the knowledge to answer any of them and if you are,
then click on the email of the journalist and give him/her what he/she

The second thing which you should do in order to get traffic is to win your
participation in the reporter’ article or blog post.

How to do this?
I am going to give you some tricks which can help you to win this and get
published on websites like CNBS, FOX, ABC and so on:

 Answer only requests which are relevant to your niche, don’t try to
answer all of them
 Make a small research about the reporter – go to alexa.com, use
google.com and see his/her credentials and traffic which you can get
 Don’t answer to anonymous requests
 Try to be as fast as possible. When you receive a request which is
perfect fit for your online business, make a quick research and if
everything is okay, answer this request. And because of that you
should have a separate account for HARO emails.
 Answer the appropriate queries with short answers (not a 1000+
article) which are valuable and interesting.

So, now you know not only how to bring tons of traffic to your website to
your website or offers, but you also know how to build your brand and
authority too. This is really powerful and I hope that you can see it.

But before we finish, I have a small surprise for you… BONUS METHOD (UNANNOUNCED)

I promised you 5 methods, but you will get 6, because I love to over deliver
and I know that my customers love this too.

The method which I want to finish this ebook is…

Fiverr Crusher

If you haven’t heard of Fiverr (www.fiverr.com), you better take a look at it.
Fiverr is a website where members can post what they call “gigs”. Gigs are
generally services you offer for five dollars. It can range from video
recording to sharing advice and coaching, for five dollars.

The sneaky tactic you can use with this strategy is to create a gig and post
your samples/portfolio of your own website for people to see. This doesn’t
violate Fiverr terms and conditions. If you’re a logo designer, you can post
the URL of your website where your samples are located. This generates
traffic to your website and additionally attracts more clients.

The first step is to find out what services you can offer which are related to
your niche and which you think that you can sell for $5. You can then create
your first gig and simply wait for people to view your gig.

You don’t necessarily have to offer your actual service/product, you can
offer a “taste” of your full service or product. This is not going to generate
traffic to your website, but you can get customers with high paying
potential and they will be ready to spend more with you, because they have
already trusted you.


At this point, I’ve covered the basics of how to use various free traffic
methods to increase traffic to your website and offers. What methods and
what money you spend to do it is all up to you. What works for one
marketer, may not work for another. What works for you in one niche, may
not necessarily work in another.

For those of you with low budgets don’t be discouraged. You can build tones of traffic without spending money, but it will take longer than
spending money to build traffic.

For those of you who want faster results and do have money to invest in
their online success – paid traffic is something which you should include
in your traffic generation part of your business.