I made $37k in last 1 year from one google play account.

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I have been making money from apps since 4 years and i always focussed on content based apps which usually had content and some images. Although those apps also made me nice income, last year i decided to experiment with reskinning apps as content apps stopped being lucrative almost a year back.
The amount of time i spent on making the content apps was huge but the money i received from admob was getting lesser and lesser in last couple of years.

So, how to make money from reskinning apps? I have mostly purchased templates from chupamobile and hired a developer to make the changes for me. The developer was from my city as i was very peculiar that i should have someone with whom i can always sit and track the progress.

I have bought almost 59 chupa mobile templates and around 30 from code canyon and used them in my projects. The apps which work best are related to whatsapp, video downloaders, instagram photo downloader, resposters, daily exercises, background changers etc

I have also promoted my apps on twitter and bing ads and google ads (u can get coupons and accounts easily on this forum)
Remember, success is not far away and u only need to take action. I have 3 other playstore accounts which mistky have content based apps which are not doing great at the moment but in the past made me good money.

This year, i plan to do list building from my apps so that I can promote my other apps to my list later on. Please do not ask me to share the chupamobile templates as i will not share them.