Journey of making 10k a month.

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Hey This is Mike William. Today, I want to share my experience with something I have been undertaking over the last 2 weeks.

About 3 years ago, a good friend of mine contacted me and asked me to help him in building a blog he had created on fitness. He knew very little about the internet and just wanted to begin a blog and post content on there about his experiences and fitness ideas. My background was in web design and seo, so as a good mate I began helping him.

Over the years, I have helped with all facets of his online stuff and even started helping him setting up facebook fanpages for him when he first started with his blog. He then began to focus on facebook and learn’t a lot about marketing on facebook.

Fast forward a few years, him and I share a vps and I do my client stuff and he has his sites and friends stuff. I have moved onto my projects and in the process of creating a membership site that currently has 17000 members and worked on that along with other seo work I do.

I have known he has been very successful with facebook marketing and in particular what he is doing with t-shirts and he has been telling me how much money he has been making and how he is going. So, during one of our conversations, he told me how much he made just doing t-shirts on facebook in the last 12 months, marketing inside facebook…and I friggin fell off my chair. I knew there was all these courses banging on about how much you can make selling t-shirts..but I never really paid much attention to them. So…anyway…

He has teamed up with a designer that does the design of the t-shirts, but he is in charge of all the facebook campaigns. So, he came to me asked me to set up a site that had a membership component in it so that when people sign up, they see the content about how they do what they do in their t-shirt marketing. I said sure, so I set up all the membership stuff and site using wishlist member, member protection yada yada.

So…after a couple of months…I said to him…you know what…I am going to go through this training and apply what you teach. I have never done any facebook marketing on products..let alone t-shirts. Don’t get me wrong, I know the basics of setting up promoted posts and doing ads in facebook, know the layout in there and setup campaigns for clients (one of my main product pages has 38000 likes, hence our 17000 members and 21000 email list)

So…I said…bugger it, I will set aside the time and go through the training, and try it. I decided on my niche, designed my brand new fanpage (this was 2 weeks ago) and decided to go through the training. I set up my first campaigns and adsets and did my research based on the training and off I went.

So…long story short…after a few stuff ups on my part….10 days….$1200US profit. Without those stuff ups, it probably would have been about $1600US, but now I know what I did wrong…(not doing the scaling right) I now know I won’t do those mistakes again.

So how much time does it take me? Each day, I am spending about an hour in the morning going through my campaigns (I have about 10 going atm) and going through my fanpage answering comments and posting links to the sales page and blocking trolls. Then any campaigns I am setting up as well…all up, 1-2 hours a day.

I went to fiverr…got a design made…got the source files(as I know how to edit in photoshop) but you can get your fiverr gig to rejig the design for a few more bucks if you want and off I went putting up campaigns.

This training is free. They have a Fabrily affiliate link that you need to register for first with their affiliate link, so they obviously make money with every t-shirt you sell, but who cares, as long as the training works and you make money…its all good I reckon.

After completing all the training and applying the strategies, this is why I believe I was successful.

  1. Step by step videos on niche selection, design ideas
  2. Step by step videos on setting up your facebook page, posts and ads
  3. Testing – You run a campaign for 24 hours. If there are no conversions, you ditch it and move on…no emotion
  4. As soon as you get conversions, you scale…this is the gold. Specific rules as to what to do and how to scale. A pure system.

The team has made 300k euro profit in the last 12 months using this exact same system. He showed me a design that has made over 50k alone…AWESOME

From a newbie in the terms of t-shirt marketing, I have given him some feedback on tweaking some of the training, and that will be implemented. But, all I can say is, some of this training in the facebook marketing side of things is amazing. I reckon you could apply it to anything.

On a side note, I had a 1 hour skype session with Dan yesterday (the guy who is the facebook expert) and he showed me how to use the audience and conversion pixel I setup in one of my successful campaigns to setup some look alike audiences and run campaigns on those audiences. Day 1, conversions at 64c (profit $12.00) scale scale scale….pretty good.

He is flying over to Europe next week to speak at a t-shirt marketing conference or something to talk about his techniques, in particular this look alike audience stuff (when he was taking me through it on skype screen share, I was like WTH are you doing, but this stuff you gotta run in the power editor because of some Look alike audience, post per engagement conflict with custom audiences and conversion pixels(getting excited?) will be in the membership training soon…..) Don’t be scared about this stuff or the jargon…I didn’t know WTH he was talking about either, but after a little while got my head around it.