Method how i made £15K from 4 website in 5 months

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Hey this is Vineet, I learned a lot of things: how to make proper website, how to do seo…

So as many of you i had a problem how to make more than £800 or £1500

As it is difficult to find customers they don’t trust you so you have to do it cheap

At the end of the day it isn’t possible to feed your family for it (I have offline business for me this is a hobby)

And decided to share my method:

I choose 4 offline businesses in different niches (any dentist, solicitors or….. )

(healthy businesses in your city which makes more than £100,000)

Find kw matching domains of course they there taken (i used hxxp://kw(best,az…)

Created WP website optimised as i could

As it all took about 4-5 weeks to set them working properly and write content (4domains)

Created socials pages for each of the website Facebook page, twitter, G+

It took me about 2 weeks, just make it professional as you can (or simply hire somebody)

And started creating backlinks (You can go to the section buy services and will find many working)

Google places i set up with my business address but you can do on your home address

Landline number 800 ….. using voip (£55 for each site you don not have to pay many if won’t get calls)

Doing Seo for it to get better ranking making Likes on social, perfect reviews,with videos and so on…

So after about 3 months i started to get calls to those phone lines

My seo results growing and for main keywords 1 page but not top

As i already research all the competition and choose companies which have their sites on 2nd page, 3rd,

4th pages and send my offer not for managers but for owner of the companies(opponents)

2nd of the website there in 1 page on google for main keyword and been getting about 3-6 calls a day

Send something like
“As you are first who got this offer to get your site on the top with the links to positions

To great site which is on top Google and all proofs they can check

Just for £5000 “

If they buy i just place the company Logo name in it and sell full set

In 3 days i send about 50 emails for my 2 sites which i think were ready to go

And i Got 6 Phone calls with interest for them. Agreed to meet one buyer for 1 domain in his office

And same evening i get £4500 on my account by bank transfer and change nominet for them

(He asked for discount £500 and i agreed if he pays straight away to account)

In 3 days arrange another appointment and sold one more for £3500 been asking £5000

But they signed seo contract to keep it doing 1 year for £300/monthly

Two others been more difficult to rank in 1st page but on middle 4th month it was done

As i think these there not that popular as first 2 so just get response in 2week

And on meeting we had to made call for voip company to confirm incoming calls with phone numbers

As he was checking numbers, are not related with me (fake calls) so i was safe and got £4500

Last was tricky so have find more buyers using old yellow pages in five weeks one response

With request for meeting and sold with discount £4000

In total: 
1 website – £4000
2 website – £4500
3 website – £3500
4 website – £4500 
Total: £16500

Expenses: about £1500 (Domains, servers, some services and some fiverr videos)

Profit: £15K

It was my method how i connected my online and offline knowledge

As i am from eastern europe so there were no free food and posh marketing

But you can try twist something and it possibly will give better numbers

I think here are guys who can make it double easily

Hope it will give some ideas for your future projects