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Hey! My name is Khan Zai. Its me on the left picture having Sauced filled Chillis in Starter with My Family I am an Internet Marketer for 5 Years and Living a Freedom Life, I love Traveling, Driving Cars and I Love MMA, I have enough Money and Freedom in my life.

But! 5 years ago I didn't have these things.

After completing my education, I applied for job but got rejected several times because there were higher amount of applicants and less jobs.

I was in debt, needed to pay bills and rent of my room but i was empty pocket.So,I joined a courier company as a delivery person but the salary they were paying was not enough to pay my debt and all rent and bills.
After few days I started driving in uber (an online cab service) I worked almost 15 to 18 hours a day. I took my lunch and dinner while waiting for my rides in uber and one day late night i dropped my passenger start moving to pick another 1 but suddenly 2 thugs comes infront of my car and stole all of my cash but thank God I dropped my phone under my seat, So i am able to pick up the other ride.

While doing 2 hard jobs i always looking for a way with which i can earn Thousands of Dollars to live my life on my own terms.

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Hanging Out With Friends in GAME ZONE
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Siting on a rock in a Cold Lake

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