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Khan Zai
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Hey! My name is Khan Zai. Its me on the left picture doing some warmup pushups in a cold waterfall, I am an Internet Marketer for 5 Years and Living a Freedom Life, I love Traveling, Driving Cars and I Love MMA, I have enough Money and Freedom in my life.

But! 5 years ago I didn't have these things.

After completing my education, I applied for job but got rejected several times because there were higher amount of applicants and less jobs.

I was in debt, needed to pay bills and rent of my room but i was empty pocket.So,I joined a courier company as a delivery person but the salary they were paying was not enough to pay my debt and all rent and bills.

Its time to take a bite of success
After few days I joined an online cab service Uber to earn some extra money but still I am looking for freedom so I start finding new ways to make quick money and as we all know google is the best place to find solutions.

So, I start searching about how to make money online and after trying every shinny shitty method, I discovered multiple ways to make thousands about thousands of dollars.

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