The Truth About Your Money

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How many how many of you have a key or retirement accounts I’m sorry yeah yeah it’s garbage it was a thing to rob you how many of you own a home right now let me see him it was bulshit it was bulshit and you put your money in there you wanted money and you bought a house you wanted money and then you put it in a excuse me in a retirement account you wanted money and then you gave it to Wall Street you can’t even get your money.

What you do man what were you thinking oh my mama told me your house is a good deal do you know any rich people they say my house made me rich like if I had my whole career to do over again I would teach people about money because basically what I’ve done for for 30 years you know while I was building out these other businesses I was buying real estate every time I’d get a surplus of money I’d take the surplus of money.

I’d push it off to the side okay let me just show you the simplicity of it okay first of all I got to make more money everybody great everybody agree with that then you got to make more money because if you if you don’t make more money you ain’t got any money this is what Suze Orman says don’t spend your money don’t spend your money don’t spend your money don’t spend your money you can’t afford it you can’t afford it all she had to do was go make some more money.

Okay right but what did she tell you don’t spend it you can’t afford it the truth is you need to make more money number one you got to make more money or in really in the case don’t make it you need to collect it or get it who’s got my money number two what do I need to do now I need to keep the money it’s not big words and by the way just because it’s not big words doesn’t mean it’s not valuable what am i keeping the money for I didn’t say save it by the way I said keep it I don’t need you to save money there is no money made by saving today.

How many of you know about compound interest you like compound interest is the holy grail no no not today it it there is no compound if you’re making point zero four percent of the bank today’s national Fridays average savings rate in America was percent that ain’t twelve percent that’s point one two percent that’s not one point two percent that’s twelve tenths of one percent it takes you eighty years to make 10% of your money my mom was earning 10 or 12% twenty years ago she was earning ten to twelve percent in the bank so every seven years that money doubled you know the rule of seven the seven it was a calculator right if you earn 10% on your money every seven years it would roll over in double okay do this I think this is like I don’t know 144 years to double money three trillion dollars sitting in banks.

How many of you have a partner you have a partner in business good how many of you do not have a partner in business let me see handle okay yeah you do it’s the bank you took your money you trusted a bank with it what does the bank do they think the paper so useless they get rid of it you can’t get your money back how many of you saw the video I did where I try to get a million dollars in cash for my bank.

Somebody said grant you can’t get your money I said what do you mean man got me all freaked out stopped my whole day what you mean I can’t get my money man I saw it on my account man and then maybe I hung up with the phone with him I’m like I wonder if I can get my money I don’t know the things that I invest in today I promise you will be around longer than Facebook.

Listen to what I’m telling you right now okay in your lifetime there might not be a Facebook this phone right here how many believe this phone this phone will cease to exist in the next 20 years ain’t no way this phone’s gonna be around 20 years ago okay the things I invest in will outlive this phone will outlive Apple Computer that’s the only thing I go out everyday.

This is how I think about money I’m running everyday for money I’m going busting my ass man I’m busting my ass every day I’m busting my ass you know I’m busting my trying to fill up the refrigerator take care of the kids get good education form fuel the plane up put fuel in the plane fly the plane take care of the plane wash the plane invest in my business right.

I’m doing all day long you know and then and then what I’m trying to do really is I’m trying to I’m trying to put this money to use at some point okay I operate with what’s called what I call is a 40% point I’m looking for 40% to save on my income whatever it takes how much money do I need to make so that I have 40% that I can take over here and shove a big giant piece of cake into a deal.