They Don’t Want You To See This! The Post That Will Awaken The World

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The world is not random the world is moving in the direction it is because it’s been planned to do that these entities operate in the unseen overwhelmingly in the Odyssey they want to control the information that people receive one of the greatest forms of my control repetition repetition repetition it was extremely dangerous to our democracy.

If you want people to have a certain perception of a world event the world in general of who we are and the nature of reality then control what people receive and then control their perception once they’ve got your perceptions they’ve got you Trump is the equivalent of a Hollywood actor on the movie screen while we are focusing on this.

My new tie of Trump antitrump left-right all this nonsense that we get caught in to Silicon Valley is becoming the center of global control this global conspiracy that I’m have been exposing for three decades is basically the hijacking of human perception because if there’s a few of you and compared with the target population of simplified billions aminute NL the number of people in full knowledge of what they’re doing is tiny hundred thousands maximum at the core hundreds at the core at the rule core of the core even less and the rest of the the structure is fiercely compartmentalized.

So people are daily different parts of this global web structure playing a part in pushing the world in the direction I’m talking about to this centralized world dictatorship without realizing that’s what they’re doing it’s a tiny tiny number so it given given that mathematics you can’t physically control your target population it’s not enough of you yes you can do it through people in uniform which is manipulating the target population to police the target population but you can’t do it or mass what you need to do is control the perceptions of the population because perception is everything perception dictates what you believe what you don’t believe what you’ll challenge what you won’t challenge what you’ll accept you won’t accept.

Support everything once they’ve got your perceptions they’ve got you and they’ve got your life and they’ve got the collective perception they have humanity this is why they want to control the information that people receive and to marginalize alternative ways of looking at the world because we’re the perceptions come from they come from information received it might be a personal experience information or it might be the ten o’clock news but with most people it’s going to be the ten o’clock news but it’s information so if you want people to have a certain perception of a world event.

The world in general of who we are and the nature of reality then control what people receive and then you control their perception so when I look at the world I see vast numbers of people who are perceptually programmed and when I you know like I break it down in in the book when you look at a human life it’s basically a perceptual programming and download from cradle to grave you know you you come out of the womb and immediately you’re influenced by your parents in terms of view perceptions and they’re not being malevolent most of the time anyway the vast majority.

But they’ve been through the system you’re about to go through the process you about to go through they bought it accepted as normal except to the crazy place to be sane and therefore that out of wanting to do right for you they’ll pass those perceptions on to you and then this is this is this you know take a deep breath take a step back look at it again when you think about it right you know you come out of the womb and within four years you’ve only just got here you’re sitting at a desk with an authority figure representing the state’s version of everything in front of you telling you when you have to be there.

When you can leave when you can speak when you go to the toilet when you can eat what is what isn’t was possible what’s not possible and the nature of everything and this goes on all the way through your formative years into higher education if that’s where you go and and it’s a download of normal a perception of normal what I call it the postage stamp consensus it’s a narrow band of sense of the possible.

Which is basically being repeated one of the greatest forms of my controlled repetition repetition repetition all the way through your formative years you then go out from there into the institution’s you become a journalist you become a politician you become a doctor you become a scientist you become a CEO whatever and you take with you into that those institutions this core version of normal and when you go as a young person into those institutions those institutions are already pillars solidified concrete pillars of the same sense of normal.

So now you’ve left school but where you’re working is still confirming to you that the madhouse is sane and normal is is how things are a journalist who’s doing a story on a a medical condition will not go to a complementary practitioner who may have had great success in treating the particular ailment they’re writing about they’ll go to a doctor the doctor will give him the song sheet postage stamp consents this version of that problem and so normal or kind of art what we believe about medicine if capitalism government all these things are these normals that yep in program.

Because it’s basically Brian all people here I call it the mainstream everything the mainstream media mainstream science mainstream medicine mainstream journalism it’s all unknowing most of them the vast majority agents of the postage stamp consensus then you add the fact that the global media now 24/7 is reporting world events constantly what in all their multiple different ways from the same postage stamp normal so you know people like me who left the postage stamp a long time ago and they passed over the horizon a long time ago.

We’re crazy not by breaking down what we’re saying but by reflex action because that’s not normal that’s not under postage them then you look at politics and we’ve got a choice between left right and center what’s called the political class that’s very very true political class but it’s I would call it something else it’s the postage stamp consensus political class because the left in politics is on is on the left of the postage stamp the center somewhere in the center and that the rights on the right of the postage stamp but they’re all on the postage stamp still coming from this perception of normal that is about you know use another analogy about the size of a pea with the illusion of choice exactly then you have peer pressure.

Because all those people who the vast majority who have accepted this download of normal you know that that with the blinkers on I have no problem with that if you want to give your mind away to someone else’s perceptual program fine the problem comes when those people think that they can then dictate ridicule intimidate those that have a different view because that’s psychological fascism for me up to this point they have manipulated human perception by manipulating the information people received the plan is to go beyond that where they are the perception and what I’m talking about of course is artificial intelligence which brings us back to the devil’s playground Silicon Valley.

Because that is increasingly the center in the shadows is where it’s coming from but in terms of the world that you can see Silicon Valley is becoming the center of global control not only is it driving people are be shocked to see how deep Google o is just a search engine and face bar is just a social media platform to see how deep they are in the transhumanist agenda of connecting the human brain to artificial intelligence so that artificial intelligence becomes the human mind and that’s not me pulling this out of the ether I’m quoting there a Google executive at Ray Kurzweil one of the one of the global PR men for Frankenstein if you google exactly I know he’s a easy Larry universe it’s a Google exactly and a singularity University and he has said that by 2030 and that that’s a a date a year that keeps coming up again and again 2030 the human brain will be started to be connected to artificial intelligence.

I’m quoting Kurzweil here and then artificial intelligence will do more and more of human thinking until there is no human or an artificial intelligence is doing at all now why are they openly saying this now because the sales pitch is it will make us superhuman so and that great getting the population especially the young will be the adults then addicted to technology is all about the here kitty-kitty-kitty preparing people to accept this.

So you’ve got that agenda at the end of this road of the human mind as we know it being replaced by artificial intelligence but out of the same as ice’ pension a few minutes ago out of the same devil’s playground Silicon Valley is coming the Google Facebook etc algorithmic censorship more and more of the alternative media using various excuses because what they do is this they’ll give you an excuse or we’ve got to stop jihadis okay okay oh yeah we stopped jihadis okay okay and then they widen it a widening but she a DS anymore.

It’s people like me it’s and other people that are questioning the official narrative and they pull them in so the alternative media is under tremendous pressure now and suppression because it’s it’s challenging the narrative and that changes perception change perception you changed the world.