THEY WANT YOU TO BE POOR – An Eye Opening Interview

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The school systems is actually teaching people to be poor the school system will never teach you about money the school system is designed to teach you to be an employee or a doctor or a lawyer a specialist but never about money.

My father was the head of education PhD all that stuff I go home and ask him said why don’t we learn about money in school and he looked at me says because the government doesn’t let us teach that subject the government tells us what we can teach and what we can’t teach and I thought that was strange.

I said but aren’t we going to school to learn about money because no your job is to get a job poverty has passed on it’s taught in your families and middle classes taught in families and so the people right now who are sitting at home who are struggling financially or worried about money or unhappy they may be making a lot of money but unhappy with what they’re doing it was probably taught to you you know your super-ego was taught get a job work hard or you’ll never be rich or the rich or evil or whatever until you change your mindset.

Your money won’t help you right and we see that with people that win the lottery people to make more money they still have the same problem right because they have that poor man’s soul right if you’re poor you’ll always be poor that’s really hard for people then yeah the money will disappear that fast just like most pro athletes you know they make millions of dollars and what 65% are bankrupt five years later it’s because it comes from poorer families now you tell them that they get very angry at you not as too rich fault you know as you guys ripped me off and government ripped me off.

But unfortunately what mr.Lipton was saying it’s passed down genetically the moment I pay you you think like an employee that’s the trap entrepreneurs work for free the moment you accept the paycheck the brain goes dead as long as you’re hungry you’ll think you see people say well why don’t you give the poor money so the only problem with that is those creates more poor people because a man of fish he fishes for the day or eats for the day yeah you give a man a fish you get a lot of people want more fish you know well you teach them to fish but you are the Robin Hood of knowledge because I see you giving this knowledge out in.

Yeah that I do the rich people cringe and say don’t tell them that Rob yes yes yes don’t tell people but they what you know I keep on poor poor will always be amongst us because it starts up here it’s in their words you know and the words become flesh when they say I can’t afford it or I can’t do that they go down they become what they say and I made so many people I don’t afford it you think I’m made of money my PhD daddy says what do you think I am made of money I can’t afford that and my Rich Dad would say that’s why he’s poor poor people say I can’t afford it.

I can’t do that I don’t have time because this is an escape it’s an escape you know I mean it’s easy as I can’t afford oh I come too tired well I can’t go to the gym you know when you could go to the gym but I can’t truth is I’m just too lazy to go that you and you play it safe and you don’t introduce new risks into your life and so I have job security right and you’re rich dad used to say what instead of I can’t afford it how can I afford it how can I do that you know what would it take or why should I do that a question opens a mind a statement closes the might see but you see I can’t afford it your mind shuts down you become what you say you know people say well money is not that important to me.

Then if money is not that important to you money is not important to you I mean they you know I mean I don’t care about my the money doesn’t care about you you know it the word does become flesh or I’ll never be rich or the favorite one is the rich are greedy it’s the poor that are greedy you know if you think about it because to be a rich you have to give something you know yet I have to produce books and games and I purchase real estate.

I provide housing provide jobs and all that that’s why I’m rich but greedy people produce nothing Paul Noah is the Richard are greedy and I’m going hey sports fans you know that you point a finger forward three up raining backwards so as we know there’s a big attitude problem against the rich today well have fear to be truth we’ll have fear is just how you deal with it you know Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge but knowledge empowers imagination and what most people lack Israel business knowledge like accounting you know like debt like taxes you gotta know that stuff but they don’t teach it in school to anybody.

You know people who are afraid of making mistakes like they teach in school they don’t have a grow because spirituality is as good and there’s bad the right and those robbed is up and there’s down most people don’t want to be right all I want to be positive well you can’t have that that’s not reality every time I failed it was like goodness okay what have I learned and the average person the reason their pores haven’t failed you know they play.

It’s all safe they haven’t made any mistakes like they taught in school that means they don’t learn anything that’s why the school systems actually fundamentally corrupt its anti education and I think what most people do is they let their parents or their friends talk them out of life so afraid of failing but failing is how we succeed our schools punish you for making mistakes that’s why we have so many people are so afraid of admitting they make mistakes are afraid of failing.

So, From now on never afraid of failing if you want to get success in your life